Lighting control Software &
DMX / ArtNet interfaces

For Live, Entertainment, Architectural and Installations

Lighting control devices and DMX interfaces designed to integrate logically and flawlessly with our software and mobile apps.

Connecting our devices to your computer transforms it into a high-performance DMX console with a multitude of advanced programming options for stunning light shows. 

DMX Controllers, interfaces & Devices

PC Live and Stand Alone hardware

  • DMX interfaces that perform both as connected peripherals and as Stand Alone control devices that save programmed light shows to internal memory or microSD memory cards.
  • Controllers that not only send, receive, merge, split and record DMX signals, but also process triggers from RS232, Infrared, Dry contacts, calendar events, and more.
  • Master/Slave modes enable easily scalable configurations of multiple controllers.
  • Several models feature Art-Net to DMX decoding and Art-Net recording, and most recently, stand alone Ethernet/LAN/WLAN connectivity.

Easy Player Lighting Control Software

User friendly programming with a complete Stand Alone mode

Easy software for both beginners and experienced users wishing to carry out a lighting project quickly, with time-saving features and practical tools to facilitate lighting programming.

Remarkably simple:  Designed to be easily learned, even by those with little experience with DMX or professional lighting, Easy Player is an intuitive lighting control system that can be mastered within minutes.

Simply powerful:  In addition to its ease-of-use, Easy Player is able to program and configure stand alone hardware devices that can run without computers and provide easy-to-operate control solutions for a wide variety of projects.

Professional DMX Control software

PC Live control and Professional Timeline Synchronization for Audio, Video and Lighting

Pro software recommended for all advanced users and lighting programmers seeking highly customizable solutions for complex light and media shows.

For Live performances, Stage Lighting, Architectural and Sound to Light shows, the Pro software graphic user interface can be customized to meet project requirements.

The Pro software includes accurate Light, Video and Audio Timeline synchronization and the efficient real time Live controls & commands needed to perform sophisticated live light shows.

Pixel Mapping & Video Software

LED Mapping and Video Mixing for Art-Net, DVI and DMX.

The LED Pixel software is designed for LED matrix pixel mapping and a wide variety of projects that call for dynamic lighting looks.

Touchscreen interface for easy, accurate, instant control. Intuitive tools for quickly creating custom matrix configurations and pixel resolutions in 2D and 3D. Timeline for synchronizing audio, video and lighting. Adaptable to any size of pixel project, including those with multiple matrix configurations.

The Pro software includes accurate Light, Video and Audio Timeline synchronization and the efficient real time Live controls & commands needed to perform sophisticated live light shows.

Studio DMX 3D simulation Software

Real time 3D Viewer for Stage Lighting, Lasers, LED and architectural Lighting

The Studio DMX visualizer works with our DMX software to offer free and easy 3D lighting simulation on Windows, Mac OS and Linux platforms.

The simulator displays all types of Lighting effects such as LED, beam, wash, spot and laser effects in real time, and renders light shows based on the DMX patch from the Player or Pro software.

Studio DMX includes many powerful tools and features, such as the automatic truss assembler, enabling the user to create virtual stage sets quickly and easily.

Wi Light 2 Remote Control Application

Wifi and Internet mobile app to easily remotely control our software and Ethernet-to-DMX devices.
Free App for Android (Google) and iOS (Apple).

Wi-Light 2 App is an easy-to-use Wi-Fi remote control with advanced features that allow you to instantly take control of your lights, play scenes saved on our devices, and play shows from our lighting software over Ethernet and Internet.

It is also a complete tool to configure and maintain our Ethernet-to-DMX interfaces.

For mobiles and tablets, and compatible with iOS and Android systems.

SDK & UDP communication

Software Development Kit for software programmers and UDP open communication over Ethernet.

For companies that wish to develop their own DMX applications capable of communicating seamlessly with our hardware devices and software.

  • Competitively priced data processing solutions for integrating DMX communication in proprietary software development projects.
  • Provided with the SDK: source code, complete protocols, libraries, DLL and needed tools for the application development process.
  • Examples of SDK clients include educational institutions, lighting manufacturers, software developers and projects requiring custom solutions for direct communication with our control systems.​

SDK - Interface

This SDK enables low-level direct hardware communication with the DMX interface. Programmers can send data to the device to be converted into a DMX signal by the hardware. This SDK requires advanced knowledge of computer science and software development.

UDP - Communication

This SDK provides a list of commands available for the software and our stand alone devices with Ethernet connectivity.

Easily implemented in software code and less complex than low-level hardware communication. The protocol is open and only requires Ethernet communication to use the commands. The same protocol as used in the Wi-Light 2 app to send instructions and receive configuration states.